Posted by: Sarah | March 2, 2005

Consult with the Surgeon

Appointment was at 4:45, didn’t get called back ’til nearly 5:30, doctor didn’t come in ’til nearly 6:15 (!!), and anyway, we’re doing a lumpectomy on Tuesday morning.

Radiologist’s report says it is “most likely benign,” but surgeon wants to get that sucker OUT. He said the report mentioned nothing about lymph nodes, so we are not going to worry about that now.

Post-op instructions say no heavy lifting (anything over 10 lbs.) or driving for a week. So there goes the Hot Springs trip, and we’ve got to hope Tom’s Aunt Kathy can come take care of the boys (or at least the lifting of the boys!) for Tuesday through Friday. Tom can cover the weekend and Monday.

Feeling pretty okay about it. Am more panicked about day-to-day care of the boys that week than anything else.

BTW, I should clarify that I asked for the surgery to be as soon as possible, to ensure that Tom would be around for both the surgery and the recovery, and not away on his Area 51 business trip. So the speed in that regard needn’t be seen as a worrisome thing; Just accommodating my own request.


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