Posted by: Sarah | March 11, 2005



ARGH. Frustrated!

No news on the lump. I called the surgeon’s office first thing with my two important questions: do I really have to wait a week to pick up my boys, and are the pathology results on the lump in yet?

The receptionist said the surgeon is in surgery all day and his nurse is out of the office all day. So “just call back on Monday, dear.”

Wha?? How is that acceptable? Why the hell was I told I could call today for the results??

eta The surgeon is not the one who told me on Tuesday that I could call on Friday for the results. I am kind of hazy on who told me, whether it was the pre-op or post-op nurse, but it wasn’t the surgeon and it wasn’t his nurse, so I can’t really truly honestly be too mad with HIM, but should rather be bitter at the surgical center staff for giving me inaccurate information. Darn, and I already mailed back my customer satisfaction survey.


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