Posted by: Sarah | March 14, 2005


I called the nurse for the pathology results and she came back on the line all quiet and asked if I have an appointment to see the doctor and I said yes next week but that my husband is going out of town later this week and we’d like to know the results before he goes and she said come in as soon as you can. Today. I said well I have two small children, you tell me when is good, and she said “as soon as you can.”

Tom came home and we got the babies up from their naps and went straight to the doctor’s office.

It was a tumor.

“T-2″ is what he called it; he wouldn’t say that equated stage 2…he doesn’t know that ’til we know if it got into the lymph nodes.

We have two options:

1) another lumpectomy (they didn’t remove the whole lump, just the center of the lump, with last week’s surgery), along with taking samples from my lymph nodes. Radiation and chemo likely.

2) mastectomy (though we’d likely go for a double) with reconstructive surgery later on. Chemo likely, but they wouldn’t do radiation.

To help make the decision, we are going to get me tested for the breast cancer gene. That’s a quick turn-around on those results. If I have that, we’ll go with option #2.


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