Posted by: Sarah | March 14, 2005

I Have Cancer?

Bits and pieces because I pretty much am not going to get out a coherent post today:

  • More phone calls, all afternoon. No one knows what to say to me. I don’t know what to say back.
  • Went wild and ordered seven books on breast cancer from amazon (two-day delivery! wooo! I’m craaaazy!)…mostly books about having cancer in your 30s (I particularly look forward to the one entitled “Why I wore lipstick to my mastectomy.” Doesn’t that sound like me? hee.)
  • I think we’re going to see if Katherine’s expert friend down at UMC can do a second opinion (on top of the oncologist’s opinion). Although, truly, we are leaning heavily towards having me go to Memphis for the double mastectomy/reconstructive surgery. Have to go to Memphis for this as there is no plastic surgeon in oxford–this type of surgery needs both oncologic surgeon and plastic surgeon present, one to start and one to finish.
  • Despite feeling Overwhelmed, I still am feeling really really good at the long-term outlook. I will see my boys grow up. I might not be able to pick them up until next Christmas, but I will see them grow up.

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