Posted by: Sarah | March 15, 2005

Jumping Right In

Genetic counselor called this morning, took a family medical history over the phone. Obviously, it’s not for certain until he does the bloodwork (which I now learn takes a month to get results back. gah), but he estimates that I have a 75% chance of having at least one of the breast cancer genes. No big surprise there, though*. He is coming to the oncologist’s on Monday to do the blood draw for the test. Very nice of him as he is based in Memphis and usually does not make “house calls.”

Later today, I’m going by the surgeon’s and signing release forms to get them to fax copies of my surgical and pathology reports to Katherine to forward on to her cancer expert friends, and that will get the ball rolling on a second opinion from people down in Jackson.

I would also like copies of those for myself, if I could. I can’t believe I left the office yesterday without getting them. Duh. What an idiot I am. I think I also left the surgeon’s without paying my copay or anything.

couldn’t sleep last night. Boys are very clingy. Much to do.

* given that my mother, her mother, and her mother all had breast cancer and my mother is the first to survive it.


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