Posted by: Sarah | March 15, 2005

More with the Genetic Counselor

I asked him if insurance would be more prone to deny treatment if I test positive for the BC genes; he said he has never ever heard of that. I elaborated further, asking if I would have trouble getting insurance coverage down the road, because of the genetic testing. He told me that there are actually laws (or maybe they are just bills in Congress, but still) legislating that people who undergo genetic testing cannot be discriminated against for having had the testing. WOOHOO!! Better still, my family cannot be discriminated against for my having had the testing (like my younger sister Meg). YAY!

Testing will cost $2500, btw. Oh insurance, PLEASE cover that!

Oh, but lest you think the genetic counselor only had happy things to tell me…. He also said that if I do end up having the gene, the doctors may very well recommend hysterectomy to avoid ovarian cancer later.

Path Report
Suddenly got a bee in my bonnet about not knowing anything more specific about the cancer than that maddening “T-2″ business, which tells me NOTHING, so I called the surgeon’s nurse this afternoon and asked her to fax a copy of it to me (at Tom’s office), and she did, and then he LEFT IT ON HIS DESK.

Current State
Am really tired.


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