Posted by: Sarah | March 16, 2005

For the love of all that is good and holy…

The surgeon’s office is really pissing me off. But I think that goes without saying, right?

So I packed the boys up and went to the surgeon’s office and we went in and I was sweet as candy to the receptionist, asking for my pathology report. She said, “I personally faxed that this morning.” I said, “yes, but you faxed the surgeon’s notes. Not the path report that tells me about the cancer.” She got a little snippy but asked me to sit down and wait a few minutes while she got it for me, and–to her credit–she did get it in about 10 minutes’ time.

Tom forwarded it on to his sister, who called him and said that she didn’t realize it was this bad, and now she saw why they were saying I’d have to have chemo. She also told Tom that this type of cancer is “very rare” in a 33-year-old. And she is getting us a consult in Jackson for next week.

And Tom thinks we should seriously consider doing whatever surgery we do down in Jackson. I will agree to that, but I Am Going To Do My Chemo HERE. I am not leaving my babies once a month to go to Jackson to go through chemo. he said fine.

I will be so glad when I have more information…like my prognosis or even just the stupid stage of cancer.

Tired to my bones.

eta I should clarify. The path report wasn’t really all that more informative than what we’d already been told on Monday. But it seemed because she was thinking it was all like my last lump, which was a couple scattered little bitty things, as opposed to my big ol’ red grape-sized tumor this time.

They called it “infiltrating ductal carcinoma,” which is apparently the most common type of breast cancer.


Here’s a photo of me and the boys on Diagnosis Day (3/14). Nice incentive to beat it, eh?


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