Posted by: Sarah | March 16, 2005

If you want something done right…

Had a fantastic night’s sleep last night. That can really make ALL the difference!

Even the news that the moron nurse faxed over the WRONG PATHOLOGY REPORT (she sent the pathology report from 2002. My previous lump. The benign one. MORON.) didn’t wreck the morning.

I called the office and the surgeon’s office receptionist said “ma’am, she’s out for the rest of the week. she’ll fax that to you when she returns.” I got ALL sassy and said “but I was just diagnosed with cancer. I don’t see the surgeon again this week and I want to read my pathology report now.” She didn’t want to, but she took my name and fax # and promised to “try” to send it out to me. Haha on her. She doesn’t realize that if she doesn’t fax it to me by lunchtime, I’m putting the boys in the car and we’re going over to sit in the doctor’s office until someone makes me a friggin’ copy of the RIGHT pathology report. (I have to go do bloodwork anyhow, so why not hassle some people at the same time?)


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