Posted by: Sarah | March 17, 2005

Two Good Phone Calls

Tom’s sister called this morning. She asked her colleagues for the best surgical oncologist in Jackson and was told by everyone to go see this one particular (first name? ALEXANDER). He’s the kind of doctor who–when other doctors say there’s no way to remove all the cancer–goes in and removes all the cancer. We see him on Tuesday. AND he is on our list of providers from our insurance plan (phew).

The genetic counselor also called; insurance covers the BRCA gene testing in full. One-HUNDRED-percent! Score, because I was misremembering the cost when I said it earlier. It’s not $2500, it’s $3K. So that’s good; thanks insurance (for once). shocked. He also said that BCBS is typically pretty generous when it comes to paying cancer claims. And that they automatically approve the BRCA testing for anyone under 40 who has a cancer dx. Obviously, I am hoping they have the same mindset when it comes to mastectomies and reconstructive surgery and the like.


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