Posted by: Sarah | March 18, 2005



Back when we first heard the lump was not a cyst, I asked the surgeon “what about the lymph nodes?” and he said “the report says nothing about the lymph nodes.”

What a LIAR. I just picked up the ultrasound report and the radiologist distinctly says there is a 1.2 cm x 8 mm mass in the left axillary (lymph node). The cancer might’ve got to the lymph nodes. it could very well be that the lymph nodes were swollen or something due to my having a cold that day or something, and that it’s not the cancer spread, but who wants to mess around with those odds??! Apparently the idiot surgeon does.

I’d already decided that I’m not going back to this surgeon (this sealed it for sure!!). It’s Katherine’s guy in Jackson or someone recommended by the Oxford oncologist, or SOMEONE, but no way am I going near this guy again.

Now, it’s true that the radiologist’s ultrasound report did say, twice, that the masses were “likely benign.” But the size…wouldn’t the size and the presence of something in the lymph node be an indication to the surgeon that maybe JUST MAYBE? the lymph node ought to be looked at???!

Maybe I am jumping to conclusions here about it all, I don’t know. But it just bothers me SO much…shouldn’t the surgeon have been the one to err on the side of caution and not gamble that it wasn’t cancer? And what’s with the lie about the lymph node? I just can’t FATHOM that.

so angry so angry so angry.


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