Posted by: Sarah | March 31, 2005

CAT Scans aren’t fun

I called the oncologist’s first thing this morning to schedule the CT/CAT scan. Since I explained that I have free unlimited childcare right now (Mom arrived last night), they got me an appointment for a CT/CAT scan a little before lunch. I had to go over an hour before the appointment to drink two bottles of contrast–which I regret to inform y’all was not Dr. Pepper-flavored. Razz

[rant about disgusting contrast]Good Lord is that junk they make you drink for a CT/CAT scan just the most disgusting stuff EVER. They made me drink ~600 mL of it. It was so horrific. I don’t know how I kept from throwing it up. I kept telling myself that the people on Fear Factor and past seasons of Survivor have drunk way worse-tasting stuff, and mine might not win me a million dollars, but drinking it would mean accurate test results and hopefully ones that tell us something NICE.[end rant about disgusting contrast]

Then the first guy screwed up the IV and they had to put it in my hand again. Gah.

Test itself wasn’t bad. They’ll read the test today and fax results to the oncologist tomorrow.


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