Posted by: Sarah | May 5, 2005

To Jackson and Back

My good friend J drove me to Jackson today in her Hybrid Honda for another follow-up appointment with the plastic surgeon, which included my third inflation. Yes, another 200cc in each side. I am really bustin’ out all over now. The plastic surgeon thinks one or two more inflations should do it. He is also fine with the idea of a port for me; it would not interfere with his work at all.

Got home and a good friend had left a message urging me to reconsider the surgery–not abandoning the surgery itself, but the doctors performing it. With her personal knowledge of the (potential) subject of ovarian cancer, I think her advice is dead-on: to get a gynecologic oncologist to do the surgery. This way, if the cyst is a malignancy, the best possible person to clean out the cancer would be right there. If the cyst is (oh please, Lord) just an innocent cyst, well, better safe than sorry.

Thankfully, there are three gynecologic oncologists in Jackson who accept Tom’s insurance (I just love BCBS-Alabama’s online physician referral website).

I have left an urgent message for my breast surgeon (the one who was originally going to put in the port next week, before the ovary issue came up) to see who he would recommend I go to for the surgery–we must make these decisions tomorrow*. I hope that my beloved breast surgeon can also possibly assist with the arrangements for the surgery to be moved there, and I also hope that we can still keep the timeframe of next week for the surgery. I assume the breast surgeon would also be there at the surgery, for port insertion and general looking out for me and my best interests.

I feel bad(ly) that I’ll be cancelling the surgery with my OB/GYN here in Oxford. He’s a wonderful person and I know I am just being silly, but I don’t want to hurt his feelings. That said, I absolutely realize that my OB/GYN’s feelings are not the top priority here, so never you fear…I’ll have the ovary surgery done in Jackson by a gynecologic oncologist. I promise. I hope to have the FINAL story on the surgery who/what/when/where/how for tomorrow’s update.

Hooboy am I tired. 300 miles and back in one day is starting to get tiresome, even for cleavage. Tylox, here I come!

* so that we still have time to cancel the Oxford surgery, which is scheduled for first thing Monday morning.


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