Posted by: Sarah | May 7, 2005

Pretty Much a Perfect Saturday in May

Tom and I took the boys to Memphis today. The fertility clinic where my miscarriages were treated had a “Miracle Baby” picnic up there. It was really nice. We enjoyed it very much, even if we felt a bit like underachievers at times (there were two sets of triplets and a set of quads there!!). Tons–I mean TONS–of twins in attendance. It was nice to not be thinking about surgeries and stuff for a few hours.

In other news… Last night, I was talking to my mom and I kept saying how tired I was. Suddenly I realized, hey, maybe this is MEANT to be, all these surgery delays. Because a very-tired me going into surgery is not going to help me make a fast recovery from surgery. So I decided right then to make an effort to rest more, so that when the next surgery happens (whenever that is), I’ll be untanned, rested, and ready, and will make another super-fast recovery, so that chemo will not be hugely delayed. See? It’s happening this way for a reason.


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