Posted by: Sarah | May 8, 2005

My First Mothers’ Day

Today we woke up with headcolds. Tom and Alexander had it worse than Thomas and I did (poor Alexander had a temperature of 101.5 for much of the day), but we all felt pretty miserable. Poor us! It wasn’t exactly the First Mother’s Day I’d been looking forward to, but we know there’ll be many many more Mother’s Days for me to enjoy in the coming years, once we beat these headcolds and the cancer.

Tomorrow is more waiting, but I’m sure a day of progress. At worst, we’ll just get a consult with the gynecologic oncologist scheduled; at best, we’ll set up a surgery date. Anywhere in-between is pretty decent, too!

I’d like to leave y’all with a meaningful passage I recently found. I thought it makes a nice almost “Mission Statement” of sorts. At any rate, it very nicely describes my outlook A.D. (After Diagnosis). It is from Sarah Ban Breathnach’s “Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy.”

We are all given a choice each day. We can react negatively to the demands made on us or we can choose to live abundantly, to transform the negative into the meaningful. Attitude is all. If I do not endow my life and my work with meaning, no one will ever be able to do it for me.


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