Posted by: Sarah | May 10, 2005

28th Trip to Jackson This Month

Loooong day. And I still have to watch the season finale of Amazing Race (Go Rob & Amber!) and get a shower before sleepytimes.

Picked up my films and drove to Jackson. Got to the gyn onc’s office an hour early. Oh well. They called me back only about 15-20 minutes after my appointment time and the doctor came right in. He’s youngish and very nice.

He said, right off the bat, that he does not think we are looking at ovarian cancer, but he would not like to leave it be and let it turn into cancer (something about the fluid around the ovary that worries him?). He asked me what I was prepared to do, surgery-wise, and I said that while I hate to delay chemo any, I would even more hate to leave the cysty ovary for six months and then return to find it’s big and out of control. But I’d like to keep the left ovary for the time being, if at all possible.

He said fine. So this is the plan: He is going to remove my right ovary and fallopian tube, and do biopsies (around 30!) all around the peritoneal (sp?) cavity….if those come back clean, we’re done. If those come back precancerous, he’ll do the full hysterectomy and whatnot. And the breast surgeon will do the port, too.

We’re scheduled for a week from tomorrow, Wednesday, May 18. I don’t have to be at the hospital until 9 a.m., so we don’t have to go to Jackson the night before.

The one thing I don’t like is that both the gyn onc and the breast surgeon said this is not a single overnight kind of deal. I’ll be in there for maybe three nights, at least. Oh man. MORE time away from the boys?

Then I went to see the breast surgeon (one floor down) and he reiterated most of what the gyn onc said—except the breast surgeon really would prefer that I do the full hysterectomy now. (The gyn onc on the same topic: “Sarah, you’re a skinny white girl–if I were to do the hysterectomy on you next week, you would be hit by menopause HARD. I really would like to not do that right now.”)

Oh and I said something about having one or two more inflations with the plastic surgeon and the breast surgeon said “hon, I am gonna call him up and make him come over to the hospital to do an inflation — you shouldn’t have to drive down here twice next week when he can just come by your hospital room while you’re recovering!” Yay!

Then I did all the preadmissions paperwork (that took an hour and a half!!) and got home a little before 8. Oh my. A Very Long day.

Tomorrow I call the oncologist and get him caught up….I guess now I have to reschedule with him (I’m on his books for my first chemo at 9 a.m. on the 18th).

p.s. Sad, though: When I called home to say I was leaving Jackson, the nanny said that Thomas had taken a step…without holding onto anyone. And I missed it!


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