Posted by: Sarah | May 16, 2005

Small World

Had a doctor’s appointment today, just with my regular primary care doctor (hadn’t seen him since before the babies were born, I think). It was just a check-up, but we talked a bit about what’s going on, and he gave glowing recommendations for my oncologist, gynecologic oncologist, and plastic surgeon, so I enjoyed that. Turns out that my primary care doctor trained with my gyn onc (primary care was an intern, gyn onc was a resident), and then in another What-A-Small-World moment, we discovered that my primary care doctor worked with Tom’s sister when she was an intern and he was a resident.

(To complete this Small-World moment, tomorrow we take the boys to meet their new pediatrician, who went to medical school with Tom’s sister.)

I’ve been meaning to mention for a while now that, all of a sudden, my surgical arm has a ton more range of motion. AND I am very excited to report that I have been able to sleep on my side–albeit carefully–for nearly a week now. Exciting stuff! And just in time to have major abdominal surgery.


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