Posted by: Sarah | May 17, 2005

My Last Day Ever with Two Ovaries

Today we took the boys to the pediatrician for a regular check-up. It’s the last one I can go to until I finish chemo (because of the germy waiting rooms). We talked a bit with the doctor about chemo as it relates to the boys. As it turns out, the only way that chemo will really “affect” the boys is that they will not get the chicken pox vaccine at their one-year check-up, but instead will get it later, after I’ve finished chemo*.

Tomorrow morning is the surgery in Jackson; wish me luck and a speedy recovery. I’ll pack the laptop but who knows if I will be able to operate it there while in my painkiller-haze.  Hopefully, next time I check in here, I will only be down one ovary.

* It’s a live vaccine, so the chicken pox virus would be in my house, albeit in teeny-tiny levels–but when I’m on chemo, my immune system will be seriously compromised, so a case of the sniffles could turn into pneumonia, that sort of thing. In other words, we are to avoid the boys getting sick in order to avoid MY getting even sicker.


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