Posted by: Sarah | May 19, 2005

Ovary Surgery Aftermath

Well, check me out! I’m posting from my hospital bed (thank you, Hospital Wireless Internet). How fun is that?

The news from my ovaries is that the gyn onc only had to remove one ovary/fallopian tube.

The day started off with the nurses making me get out of bed and walk around. YEE-OUCH!!! I need to find my OB-GYN who told me that this surgery’s recovery is similar to that of a c-section, and smack him senseless. This is way worse than I remember the c-section recovery ever being. Except, of course, this time we are not dealing with the uterus trying to shrink back down to normal size from twin-size size.

The gyn onc came by with the wonderful wonderful oh-so-wonderful news that final pathology came back on all the cysts and they were all BENIGN. Yay!!

My arm IV got loose and ouchy, so we inaugurated my new port. It is so cool! Now maybe my arms will get a chance to heal up all those bruises.

Gyn onc says maybe maybe I can go home later in the day tomorrow. He’s going to take away my morphine drip in the morning and see how I’m doing from there. And, of course, we are on FartWatch ‘05. They said I can’t go home until I have “bowel activity” (because of all the rearranging of my intestines and whatnot during the surgery). I hope something happens in that department soon because I don’t want to be the one calling the insurance company to ask for an additional day of hospital stay coverage to give me more time to resume farting.


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