Posted by: Sarah | May 22, 2005

Home from the Hospital

One thing I really rather liked about being in the hospital was that they set you little daily goals. My competitive self enjoys trying to meet these goals, and usually trying to accomplish them before the set deadline. Yes, even when we’re talking about “taking a walk to the bathroom” or “disconnecting the morphine pump” or the ever-popular “we’re hoping you’ll pass gas today.”

So when I come home from the hospital, it’s a little weird to not have these goals and then to look back on my day to review my accomplishments. What did I accomplish today? Eighteen hours of sleep. Not being awake for more than two hours at a time. Making a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich.

Therefore, I’ve set little goals for myself for the week: wash my hair. stand up straight. wear lipstick. That sort of thing.

I’ve got one last trip to Jackson this month scheduled, for this Thursday (an inflation–my final one pre-chemo–with the plastic surgeon) and I would like to not need to be medicated heavily in order to make the trip. So that’s a goal, too.


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