Posted by: Sarah | May 23, 2005

Nagging Cough

This is a harder recovery than the bilateral was, in part, we think, because of the cough that I can’t seem to beat. The coughing hurts my incision something awful, plus keeps me awake, despite the painkillers.

While I was in the hospital, the doctors gave me a prescription medication for the cough, but somehow I didn’t get a prescription of it to take home when I was discharged from the hospital on Saturday. So today I called the gynecologic oncologist who was more than a little upset to hear that I hadn’t gotten the cough prescription (along with discharge instructions) when I’d left the hospital. He is also sending me a copy of my pathology report so that I’ll have that to take with me next week to the oncologist’s to prove I’m a-ok ovary-wise.

ANYHOW, the gynecologic oncologist called in a prescription for the cough medicine, Tom picked it up, and now I have more meds to add to my daily routine. Wheeeee!


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