Posted by: Sarah | May 25, 2005

One Week to Chemo; Having Hair Thoughts

Cough is marginally better. But I figure if I can get a little bit better every day, then I should still be all-systems-go for Chemo in a week.

Speaking of Chemo, I’m debating whether or not to cut my hair off. A pre-emptive strike of sorts.

(I know that hair loss is not an automatic thing anymore for chemo patients, but I’ve done some reading and it looks like one of the meds the oncologist is talking about using (don’t ask me to remember the name right now) *is* one of those meds that guarantees hair loss.)

My main concern is that descriptions of chemo-induced hair loss seems to be that you run your hands through your hair one day (pulling it back into a ponytail, brushing it, or even just rinsing shampoo out in the shower) and hair comes out in your hands. I can’t lie–that sounds pretty upsetting, but what I REALLY want to avoid is the boys witnessing that. They are still big into grabbing hair and tugging and, oh my Lord, what if some afternoon we are playing and they grab a little bit of hair all playfully and that is when the chemo hair loss starts? That could be really damaging to them!

I’m also thinking that the last time I did a big haircut, my hairdresser here in town sent the hair (about 6-7″ worth) to the childrens’ version of Locks of Love. And wouldn’t it be nice if I could do that again? I can’t do that if I gradually cut my hair shorter and shorter (my original plan for Hair During Chemo).

But am I really ready to walk into my hairdressers’ and have her shave my head?



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