Posted by: Sarah | May 27, 2005

Path Report on Righty

Cough is nearly gone; hurrah! I’ve got more energy than I’ve had for over a week, but still have to remember to take it easy or else I get way too tired in the early evenings.

Yesterday’s inflation hasn’t hurt at all. The cough, the incision, and the toenail on my big toe (bashed it somehow and it’s very ugly and ouchy) hurt way more than the inflation. I am so obviously filling out tops now that I almost worry that when people from our friend A’s church bring by food, they’re going to take a look at me and shout “liar! you didn’t just have a double mastectomy last month!” and leave with their food. That would be terrible (as the food is very very good).

Surgeon sent me a copy of my pathology report, surgical report, etc. from the partial oopharectomy. Turns out that I had at least three cysts: the original one we knew about on my right ovary, a few small ones on my left ovary, and one smallish one on my left fallopian tube. What’s with all the cysts, I wonder?

p.s. Plastic surgeon called me skinny again. What am I going to do when I don’t have to see these doctors anymore? They are a real morale booster for my self-image.


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