Posted by: Sarah | May 29, 2005

Chick Lit Made Me Cry

My cough is pretty much gone now. That’s wonderful, but I am SO TIRED it’s not even funny. I am grumpy because I know next weekend I’ll be *really* tired, after the chemo. I read an entire book yesterday that made me cry. It was a chicklit I picked up at the grocery store, but one of the characters found out she had lymphoma in the middle of the book. I could see it coming a mile away and I was so caught up in the characters…I was holding my breath that a character in a stupid chicklit book would have Hodgkin’s and not non-Hodgkin’s. And then she went through chemo and the whole hair loss thing and I cried cried cried the whole rest of the book.

The thought of chemo is really starting to scare me. Not as much as the hair loss, though. I really hate that I have to lose my hair. It makes me sad AND really furious at the same time. Stupid cancer. Don’t you realize how long it took for my hair to grow this long? Now I have to start all over from scratch. Jerk. I hate you cancer.


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