Posted by: Sarah | May 30, 2005

In-Depth Hair Post

Quiet rainy Memorial Day over here. I slept most of the afternoon, unlike the boys who decided to hold a nap strike on the poor nanny.

Tomorrow I’m going to call my hairdresser and get this Locks of Love thing sorted out for once and for all. When I had my post-baby haircut last fall, she said she would send the hair to the childrens’ version of Locks of Love, but I think my hair is too short for that now (they put the hair in a ponytail and then cut the ponytail off. My ponytail is very stubby indeed, so might not be long enough to donate.). But I want to confirm that, plus I want to know if she’ll cut the boys’ hair. They still don’t have a lot of hair, but for some reason, they have little patches of VERY long hair, mainly over their ears.

Here’s my port, btw (the little purplish bump just below the incision):

Cough is completely gone, but the toenail on my big toe is pretty much dead and gone. I was reading today a blog of a woman finishing her tenth round of chemo and she said losing toenails is actually a pretty common thing for chemo patients. I am such an overachiever…I lose my toenail before starting chemo.

I have got to go and work on a playlist of music I want to upload to Tom’s MP3 player that I’m going to bring to chemo on Wednesday. No idea how long we’ll be there, but I suspect one magazine of logic puzzles will not keep my attention the whole time, so I need backup entertainment, like movies and books.


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