Posted by: Sarah | June 3, 2005

Round 1, Day 3

Ohhhhh I felt so bad today! UGH!

Woke up aching* and nauseated and just plain miserable. The oncologist’s office called in four (!!) prescriptions to the pharmacy and Tom went to pick them up for me first thing. Unfortunately, one of the prescriptions was not covered by insurance and would run us — hold onto your hats –$720 for a 30-day supply. Our pharmacist, Susan, said she’d work on a way to get me the prescription without the insanely high cost, and so Tom brought home three of the meds to tide me over.

Later, Susan called to say she’d figured out a way to get me the prescription so that insurance would cover the bulk of the cost, and we’d only have to pay $35. Is she a Godsend or what? (This is the same pharmacist who helped me so much with my heparin prescriptions during my pregnancy with the boys, so this is just more reason to be grateful for such a wonderful, caring pharmacist)

Between the nausea and the achiness, I slept most of the day (”sleepiness” was a side effect on all of the new prescriptions), and only magically started feeling better about half an hour ago.

Still have all my hair. I keep tugging on it to see if it’s still attached and nothing happens.

* aching because yesterday’s Neulasta shot has a side effect of making your bones ache from the effort of producing extra red blood cells, so my back, knees, and legs ache like mad.


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