Posted by: Sarah | June 7, 2005

One Week after Round #1

A banner day for me: I didn’t take a nap! Of course, I slept ridiculously late, but no nap at all for me. Am I finally starting to feel “normal”? Stay tuned.

Alexander’s occupational therapist came today and we were chatting about cancer and chemo (she is a 2-year lymphoma survivor). She was saying that the most upsetting part of the whole thing for her was losing her hair, and how at the time she had worried about what trauma her bald head might be doing to her children (1 and 4 at the time)…but it turns out that she recently asked them if they remembered Mama having no hair and they didn’t know what she was talking about. They didn’t remember one bit of it.

So that made me feel better…like this is not going to permanently traumatize the boys when I lose my hair. Which, for the record, is still present and accounted for.


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