Posted by: Sarah | June 8, 2005

oh, duh. Chemo brain strikes already

Had an appointment with the oncologist this morning. It was just bloodwork and some more shots. It surprised me, though, how much “Chemo Brain” has already gotten me. I hadn’t remembered that I am on an every-THREE-weeks rotation of chemo, not every TWO weeks like I’d been saying for the past week. All this really means is I won’t be done with chemo by Labor Day, but actually just two weeks after Labor Day, so that’s not too terribly awful.

Weight is down, white blood count is down, red blood count is down, so I had some more shots (neulasta and another procrit) and was given prescriptions and off I went. And then they called later in the afternoon to say I’ve also go low magnesium, so we’ll be going back to the pharmacy again in the morning.

I don’t hurt, but oh am I just dog-tired.


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