Posted by: Sarah | June 10, 2005

The Cookie has Spoken

Did pretty good today in terms of energy and feeling halfway decent. No new mouth sores, no hair fell out, and–hurrah!–no migraine! However, I’m noticing that my skin is starting to dry out and the toenail that I bashed a few weeks ago officially (ick) fell off.

Tom and I went to lunch at the Chinese buffet for the first time since I think before the surgeries. The waitresses there all know us (we are fairly regular customers) and they all commented on my short hair. One asked why I’d cut it, and–I don’t know why–but I just shrugged. I don’t know why I didn’t say “because it’s going to fall out anyway.” I suppose I didn’t feel like being treated like a Cancer Patient today, even if just for an hour. It was kind of nice.

By the way, my fortune was: “Your labors will bear many rewards.” I like that a lot, and like to think that by “labors” the cookie meant “chemo.”


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