Posted by: Sarah | June 11, 2005

Damn you, chemo brain


Chemo Brain is in full force over here. I am becoming stupider and stupider every day.

Last night, I realized that I’d forgotten to take probably half of my prescriptions. I hadn’t just missed one day, I’d missed probably two or three days. Just forgot to take them. They’re sitting on my bedside table, but I still manage to forget them. I am going to have to make myself a daily checklist or something to make sure that I’ve taken all the medications at the right time. Here’s a photo of my meds

And then this morning, once the boys went down for their naps, I headed off to the store to pick up some essentials (including a notebook for the medication checklist). Unfortunately, I didn’t make a list, and I couldn’t remember what I’d gone to get, so I ended up wandering the aisles, hoping my pitiful memory would be jogged by the sight of something. I managed to remember a few items that I’d meant to get, but after a while, it was clear that Chemo Brain had won out and it would be better to just go home. It was both frustrating and upsetting. I really don’t like Chemo Brain.

And to top it off, I had another migraine. That’s three migraines in four days, more than I’ve had in years (or, really, ever). I’ll have to mention it as a new side effect at my next oncologist appointment on Wednesday.


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