Posted by: Sarah | June 12, 2005

Just a few strands (but still upsetting)

Just when I was starting to think I’d made it home free, my hair started to fall out this morning. Not the big clumps that I’d envisioned, but still, somewhat significant little groups, a dozen strands here, a dozen strands there. I’m almost afraid to take a shower for fear of the big clumps thing happening there.

But, on the positive side, today Tom helped me look at the “delay” in chemo in a new way. At one point this afternoon, I was half-complaining to him that I was feeling pretty okay, all things considered, and yet I still have another week and a half before the next round of chemo begins. He pointed out that while I feel okay, I’m still awfully run-down, and if I were to have Round #2 in a few days, it could be a harder recovery than if I give my body another week + a few days to regain strength (and white and red blood cells!). Maybe that’s obvious, but I honestly hadn’t ever thought of it that way. Anyhow, the point is that now I’m feeling better about “waiting” another week and a half to go for chemo again. It might take longer this way, but if it’ll mean a stronger me in the end, then let’s do it.


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