Posted by: Sarah | June 19, 2005

Tom’s First Father’s Day

We all had a very nice Father’s Day, starting with cinnamon rolls for breakfast and ending with ridiculous amounts of meat at Texas de Brazil for dinner. I did have to have an extensive nap in the middle of the day, and am still thoroughly worn out.

Last night, friend J shaved my head. It was not nearly as upsetting as I thought it would be. I thought I’d need to hold Tom’s hand the whole time while I cried buckets, but, no, no tears. Instead, J and I got silly and shaved different looks: punk rocker, rebellious youth, Annie Lennox. That sort of thing. By the time we’d run out of silly looks, we’d also run out of hair. Did y’all know how odd a freshly-shaved scalp feels? A bit spongy. And a wig on top of a freshly-shaved scalp is almost ticklish at first.

Here is Nohair me

We took some photos today of the Amazing Hairless Family; it’s a funny thing when the people with the most hair in the house aren’t even a year old yet.


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