Posted by: Sarah | June 21, 2005

An Unexpected Afternoon at the Oncologist’s

Got up this morning to bring the boys their bottles in their cribs and I got all dizzy and fell down in the nursery doorway. I was fine again the moment I hit the ground, but it was the second time in three days that I’ve gotten so dizzy that I’ve fallen, so I called the oncologist’s, who asked me to come in and get checked out.

The very second thing they did when I got there–after taking my temperature, which was normal–was check my blood pressure. They use these automated machines to check blood pressure, and my blood pressure was so low today that it caused an error three times. Finally the nurse tried checking my BP manually, and it was incredibly low: 84/58. My bloodwork came back fine as can be, so they pronounced me dehydrated and I spent most of the afternoon receiving a liter of IV fluids. I’m home again now and they said there’s no reason to cancel tomorrow’s Round #2 of chemo.


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