Posted by: Sarah | June 22, 2005

Round #2

Round #2 wasn’t bad, although I’m a bit headachy. It took about the same amount of time that the first round took, except this time I didn’t fall asleep. The Ativan and Benadryl they gave me in my pre-med IVs made me cross-eyed, but I never quite dropped off to sleep.

My blood pressure was still pretty low this morning. I think (and they agree) that I’d been concentrating so much on eating enough that I’d forgotten to concentrate on drinking enough, too. This is tricky business, keeping track of food and drink and washing of hands and taking pills and noting symptoms/side effects and getting enough rest and yet also trying to get some exercise.

Down half a pound. Obviously the big dinner at Texas de Brazil did not do its’ job of packing on the pounds for me.

Did I tell y’all that a bunch of girlfriends sent me an iPod earlier this week (pink, of course)? I brought it today and it was so fun to have there. I even put a cut from a chemo visual imagery CD that my friend Jessica sent me on there. I must say, even chemo isn’t too sucky when you’re listening to the Spamalot Broadway soundtrack.

Tomorrow I go in for the dreaded bone-achy neulasta shot. The nurses and one of the patients requested (okay….demanded!) that I bring the boys in with me. So we’re all gonna get duded up and go to the cancer center, wheeeeee! We know how to have some serious fun around here.


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