Posted by: Sarah | June 23, 2005

Round 2, Day 2

Feeling pretty decent today. Maybe a little bit tired but that’s it. We took the boys with us to the oncologist’s so that I could get the Neulasta shot. The boys, as predicted, charmed all the patients there. Thomas walked around the chemo room giggling and before long, all of the patients were holding out their arms to him and calling him over to them.

Afterwards, we stopped to pick up lunch at Moe’s, where we are pretty much regulars. The manager recognized me and said “oh! lookit you with your new haircut!” (I was wearing one of my short wigs, the one that I think makes me look like Laura Bush) I laughed and said, “well…not quite,” then explained quickly that I’m going through chemo. I promised him that the next time I come to Moe’s, I’ll wear a different wig for him.

Tonight is the big test of whether or not the Taking Meds On-Time will help stave off the queasies. With Round #1, it was the night of day 1 post chemo that I started feeling bad and was in full UGHHHH mode by the next day. Hopefully, my new arsenal of anti-nausea meds will go far towards beating that for Round #2.


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