Posted by: Sarah | June 28, 2005

Feeling Insanely Good

I don’t know what was up with me today, but I had crazy energy all day. I couldn’t get back to sleep after I gave the boys their bottles at 7 a.m. (usually they have their bottles in their cribs until Nancy gets them up), so I got up and paid bills online (?!). Then I got dressed and took the dog to the groomer, went to the bank, stopped for a fountain Dr. P, and got to the car oil change place before 9 a.m. (!!). I still had to wait two hours (grrrr) while they changed the oil and did the state inspection, though. But I made some long-overdue phone calls and played with both my iPod and my hand-held Tetris game while waiting there, so it wasn’t a lost two hours. Then I got home, talked with Alexander’s OT, played with the boys, and when they went down for a nap, I went back out. I washed the car at one of those DIY carwashes, dropped off recycling, and then picked up Sam from the groomer’s. Then I got home and thought, “I’d better take a nap or I’m going to crash hard,” but instead I just read more of Harry Potter 5. Then we had popsicles.  And that was my day.


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