Posted by: Sarah | June 29, 2005

Today’s Cancer Update

Had an oncologist appointment today, to check on bloodwork. My white blood/red blood cell levels have dropped a bit, but nothing scary or dramatic — they said it’s pretty much what they expect one week post-chemo. I had another Procrit shot and, it turns out, I also had a Neupogen shot (same thing as the Neulasta shot). My weight is down again, two pounds. But otherwise they said I’m doing great! My blood pressure is back to normal, albeit on the low side of what’s normal for me.

Otherwise, I didn’t have as much energy as yesterday, but still felt far better than I had over the weekend. I also spoke to the leader of the local hospital’s breast cancer support group (this is different from the support group I’ve attended at my oncologist’s), who gave me the name and number of the hospital’s nurse oncologist, who is available anytime to help answer questions that patients might not want to “bother the doctor with” — like is this food okay to eat while on chemo? Should I be worried that such-and-such? Anyhow, that’s a nice resource to have if I need it.


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