Posted by: Sarah | July 7, 2005

Today’s Cancer Update

In what is becoming an unfortunate trend, I had another migraine this afternoon. I think I caught it earlier (that is, I took some medicine before it had a chance to take too strong of a hold), so it wasn’t as bad as yesterday’s migraine, but nonetheless…ugh!

Yesterday, I picked up a bunch of prescription refills and was shocked to spend over $60 on them. And that’s with insurance. We started getting insurance statements on my chemo treatments and Neulasta shots and all of that, too. A round of chemo costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000 or more, and a Neulasta shot is several hundred dollars, I think. I never would’ve thought I’d be saying this, but thank goodness for insurance. We just pay a copay of $20 for a round of chemo.


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