Posted by: Sarah | July 12, 2005

First Insurance Hiccup

The first health insurance hiccup turned up today. We got a $360 bill from an Oxford cardiologist for the pre-chemo echocardiogram that was done in late April. Apparently, our health insurance rejected the claim, on the basis that the test was “routine,” which is not covered.

Eight phone calls later (four to the cardiologist’s billing office and four to the health insurance company) and I am no closer to getting it sorted out. The billing office says they coded the claim as “pre-chemo testing,” and health insurance says it was coded as routine. No one is budging or being helpful, and I am frustrated to the point of tears. It’ll get sorted out in the end, I know, but in the meantime it’s so very maddening….not to mention about the last thing I need to worry about on the eve of Round #3.


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