Posted by: Sarah | July 13, 2005

Round #3

Round #3 went well, in fact, it was pretty speedy. There were only one or two other people having treatments today — everyone else was just having in-between bloodwork done. So I was having my premeds by 10 a.m. (usually they’re not started until much later in the morning) and was home at two o’clock. True to form, the Benadryl etc. put me to sleep for most of the treatment, but Tom woke me up to eat a BBQ pulled pork sandwich he brought for lunch, so I didn’t sleep the entire time.

During the meeting with the oncologist, we were talking about my weight loss (overall, about six pounds since the surgeries and starting chemo) and he mentioned a new study of breast cancer patients who lost weight that showed a lower rate of recurrence of their cancer than in other breast cancer patients who’d gained weight after treatment. Interesting.

Also, he said he would be happy to write any necessary letters to my insurance company to get the echocardiogram claim straightened out. As one of the countless insurance reps had mentioned something about a letter from a doctor being a possible way to sort it out, this is a good thing!

At any rate, that was how Round #3 went and now I’m home and resting and drinking fluids…and reveling in it being HALFWAY DONE!

Three down, three to go.


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