Posted by: Sarah | July 21, 2005

The State of Cancergirl today

Well, I made it 50 days into chemo without feeling more than queasy, but today it got me. The day started off so well, with me running a few errands (just returning library books and dropping off recycling) and going to get my second White Blood Cell count booster shot…and then I got home, Nancy made me a delicious-looking and -sounding tomato and mozzarella sandwich, I took one bite, and spent the next 15 minutes throwng up.

It wasn’t the sandwich, I swear! I talked to the nurse practictioner at the oncologist’s office, who said that vomiting was not a side effect of today’s shot, and that the chemo should be well gone out of my system by now, so that wasn’t it, either. He said “it must be food poisoning.” I said, “but the one bite of the sandwich was all I’d eaten today,” and he said, “huh, well let’s see if it happens again.”

So far, it hasn’t but oooo am I wobbly and feeling bad again. The nurse practitioner said if the vomiting continues, we probably won’t bother with the third shot tomorrow. All things considered, I think I’d rather have the shot than have another bout of vomiting.


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