Posted by: Sarah | July 22, 2005

Achy Breaky Me

Tom and Nancy took the boys to the pediatrician today for their 12-month check-up (and shots — ouch!). I can’t go because the waiting room at the pediatrician is so crazy germy, so I didn’t get to meet the new pediatrician. But everyone said they liked her (she went to college and medical school with Katherine, so that is a neat connection there) and she pronounced the boys “beautiful,” so yes we like her.

The boys are both exactly 21 lbs. 10 oz., and nearly 30″ tall. We can take them off formula and they’ll start drinking whole milk tomorrow morning!! Hurray!!

I felt much better last night and this morning, so I did end up going for the third shot of the WBC booster around mid-day. And then I finally figured out that my achy back is probably just the predicted side effect of the shot of achy bones. I was not expecting my back to ache; the first time I had achy bones, it was my legs that hurt. Still, it is good to know the achiness is not something more ominous.


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