Posted by: Sarah | July 27, 2005

Check-in from Cancer Corner

Today’s oncologist appointment went well…my WBC count has rebounded and we are All-Systems-Go for Round #4 of chemo one week from today.

Remember the insurance nonsense regarding the pre-chemo echocardiogram? The other day, I’d called the cardiologist’s office to request that they recode the claim and resubmit it to insurance…today they called back to say that they have discussed it with insurance and think the best thing to do is recode the claim and resubmit it to insurance. Wait, isn’t that what I told them they needed to do weeks ago? Oh well, as long as it gets done, the rest of it shouldn’t matter, right?

Accessing my port hurt today, way more than it ever has before. I think she got too close to the edge of the thingy; it doesn’t usually hurt once they get through the skin, but I could feel it after that, and it even hurt when I moved my arm. Thankfully, I only had the IV in for an hour, so it didn’t have to hurt too long. It would’ve sucked big-time to have this happen on a chemo day, when I’ve got the IV in for six hours.

Also, the oncologist wouldn’t give me a prescription for a stronger sleeping pill (I told him the Ambien wasn’t working anymore). He wants me to try melatonin. I bought some, but I’m still gonna grumble and kick the ground and pout. i don’t care about trouble weaning from the meds later; I want to sleep NOW! (that said, I should note that I have no trouble napping, and in fact get a good two-hour nap in every afternoon, but when it’s bedtime, I just lie there thinking about all the things I Really Need To Do until I get up and go do them instead of sleeping).


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