Posted by: Sarah | July 29, 2005


I pretty much have a constant headache. Sometimes it’s a migraine but more often it’s just a dull thuddy ache. I’m quite certain the headaches are connected to the chemo; I have had more migraines in the past eleven days than I had in the eleven months between the boys’ birth and my first round of chemo. I look forward to the end of chemo, if only because the flippin’ headaches might ease up.

We got notice today that we’ve used up all the money in our flexible medical spending account through Tom’s company. Last year, we had so much money left in the account at the end of the year that I got two pairs of glasses (and y’all know glasses aren’t cheap) and we still didn’t use up the money. We put aside the same amount of money for this year, figuring that if we had anything left over again, Tom would get that glasses-eliminating laser eye surgery. So much for that! It didn’t help that the insurance company recently decided that I owe a copay every single time I set foot in the oncologist’s office–even if I’m not seeing a doctor and am just getting a shot–and then several of my Very Necessary anti-chemo side effects prescriptions have $35 copays…well, you can see how quickly we spend money on this stupid cancer around here.


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