Posted by: Sarah | August 1, 2005

two days to chemo

Feeling good today! Not even a smidge of a headache.

One thing the chemo has done a real number on has been my skin. Normally, I have pretty “normal” skin…not dry, oily T-zone, but nothing that regular facials couldn’t handle. Since chemo, though, my poor skin is so dry it’s actually flaky. I have tried all kinds of moisturizers (including those that Louisa sent and some that I got from my favorite day spa) but the dryness is impervious to moisturizer, it seems. I’m starting to think that I will just have to accept the dry skin for now and hope that any damage can be repaired when I finish chemo in the fall.

I went to a new support group meeting tonight here in Oxford; they had the hospital’s “cancer navigator” (a nurse oncologist) as guest speaker. It was interesting, but it seems that her services would have been most useful those first few weeks post-diagnosis, when our heads were spinning and we had no idea what we were looking at. Nonetheless, I’m glad I went to the meeting. (once again, I’m the youngest survivor by far at the meeting — there was one woman who is a 50-year survivor!)


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