Posted by: Sarah | August 7, 2005

post chemo day 4

Finally coming up for air. It’s been an unpleasant weekend, but not a nightmarish one, so that’s good news…it really hasn’t been anywhere near as bad a time as round #3 was (thank GOD). Still feel yucky and wobbly and headachy (damn Migraines), but I’m almost through the worst of it and no matter what, I can still say FOUR DOWN, TWO TO GO, BAYBEEEEEE.

It does feel good (mentally, 😉 ) to know that I only have two more rounds left. And this one was so much easier. Well, side-effects-wise. I have to say that I very nearly made myself sick thinking about it ahead of time. Thinking about them accessing my port, the IV bags, and everything. I am definitely starting to develop a negative association with the stuff they use to prep my skin before accessing the port (the thought of the smell of it makes me a little queasy), and I also don’t like looking at the photo I took (on my phone) of the Red Devil stuff (cytoxan, I think?) as it’s being added to my IV….because that stuff really is the Devil. Evil stuff.

It’s nice, though to think that I’ve only got about six weeks left of this, and eight weeks left of weekly doctor’s visits. I’ll still go every three months once I wrap up chemo, but that’s a totally different story from “it’s Wednesday, that means it’s Doctor Visit Day.”

Anyhow, being so close to The End also means that we’ll be on our own soon, too, kiddo-wise. No more nannies come October. Nancy has something lined up with a doctor’s family (having their third child this fall) in Tupelo after us, and Rebecca has her senior year at Ole Miss. I’d like to have Rebecca in a mother’s helper sort of situation on occasion, but for the most part it’ll be all me again this fall. Boy are we gonna miss the help!


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