Posted by: Sarah | August 10, 2005

One Week Post Chemo round #4


First, it started with me setting a personal record for Least Amount Of Sleep Ever (including when the boys were newborns) with a grand total of Zero Hours and Zero Minutes of sleep last night. I was completely wired, I could not settle down all night long, could NOT fall asleep. I read an entire book (a Jane Green, Meg) before dawn. I couldn’t cave in and take a sleeping pill because I had an oncologist appointment mid-morning and I didn’t want to oversleep and miss it.

So I managed to make it to the oncologist’s (without a single migraine!), where my bloodwork showed that….my WBC count is crazy low [i]again[/i]. This despite the oncologist reducing the dosage of chemo on Round #4. (sigh) This means that I again have to do the three-day series of intensive shots (instead of Neulasta) this week in the hopes that it will raise my WBC count. Stupid me didn’t follow up with the doctor, but it seems as if the three-day series doesn’t produce expected results, we might have a delay in Round #5. Again, no confirmation of that, but it is a suspicion I have.

The oncologist also ordered a bone scan, just as a baseline. It seems there’s a new study out that makes a connection between pre-menopausal women whose ovarian production was halted by chemo and early onset of osteoporosis. They got me a same-day appointment for the bone scan at the hospital, so I spent an hour or two over there in the afternoon having that (painless and very easy) test run.

Other things Of Note from today’s appointment:

  • I’m going to go see a migraine specialist in Memphis, likely sometime in the next few weeks. I’ll know the appointment date tomorrow when I go for shot #2 in the 3-day series.
  • The oncologist was concerned by my continued sleeplessness and agrees that we’d like to find a non-drug solution. However, I disagree with him that this is a situation that needs a psychiatrist’s advice. I’m not sleepless because of anxiety or anything like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Tom Cruise ( 😉 ) — I have no issues with psychiatry at all and fully credit counseling with recovering from depressions and the Paxil for a good mood during Chemo — but this doesn’t call for it.
  • The oncologist also asked me if I’m still considering nursing school as part of my post-cancer life, and we talked about what kind of nursing I’d like to do (right now, anything but surgical). Then he said he’d be happy to find a nursing position for me at the cancer clinic if I do become an RN. What a nice compliment!

Managed an hour-and-a-half nap in between oncologist appointment and the bone scan, but that’s all the sleep I’ve had since Monday night. And still no migraines. Woooo-hoo!!


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