Posted by: Sarah | August 28, 2005

That scary wench Katrina

I was out of it things for most of the week/weekend because of post-chemo misery, but this afternoon I really perked up and finally heard that this storm is gonna be a beast.

First we heard from Janette that her parents, grandmother, sister and brother-in-law were en route from the Coast, where they live, to Oxford to stay here. These are people that never evacuate, are in fact proud to say they stayed put for Hurricane Camille (the last Category 5 hurricane to hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast). Janette’s in-laws, last we heard, are not evacuating, but maybe that’s changed since early afternoon; they don’t live as close to the ocean as Janette’s family, though, so they should be somewhat safer.

Then Rebecca, who is also from the Coast, said her mother and family are not evacuating b/c her mom works in L&D at a Biloxi (Buh-LUX-ee, dammit) hospital. But we all pray that the hospital will be a safe place for them to ride out the storm.

Then my cousins who used to live in Long Beach called to see if we’re ready for the storm, joking that we are the only people they know in Mississippi who haven’t evacuated.

All jokes aside, we’re supposed to get the storm here in Oxford tomorrow night/early Tuesday morning. Tropical storm-strength by then, thank Goodness, but I think we’ll be lucky if we come through this without a flooded playroom.

Gonna do another plug for donations to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. They’re already working on-site–all across the region–at shelters and will be working alongside FEMA after the storm subsides. You can direct your gift specifically to disaster relief, although I suspect the New Orleans Red Cross is probably going to be needing major funding very shortly, as well.


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