Posted by: Sarah | August 29, 2005

The Official Hunkering Down for Katrina Post

Not impressed with Fox News. They misspelled “Mississippi” on a map. HMPH.

Some excitement over here as we have our very own evacuees on the way. A friend of Tom’s from the Coast, Nathan, called about an hour ago, asking if he could stay with us. No problem, we said…and he said “can I bring a friend, his wife, and his two kids?” Thank goodness we have the room for all these people!

Just made a late-night run to WalMart for milk, etc. Our WalMart, six hours from the Coast, is out of bread and paper goods, but is holding strong on milk.

Think I am going to stay up to welcome our evacuees with Tom. They’re not due in for another few hours though.


Our evacuees never showed up. I stayed up most of the night for them, although truth be told, I was unlikely to be sleeping anyhow what with the extra excitement of being a news junkie IN (or practically in) a news-worthy event.

We have seven gallons of milk, some bread, and not a lot of batteries. Nancy says our biggest concern here is now the dreaded TORNADOES. Right now all we have is a bit of pitiful rain, nothing scary, but the tornadoes, if they show, are supposed to happen after dark.

Poor Biloxi. 😦


We’ve got some crazy rain and strengthening winds, but power, phone, internet is still all connected.

We heard from my cousin that Janette’s parents’ house is probably under 3-5′ water. My cousin Zeb spoke to his best friend whose mother (got that?) lives one block north of Janette’s parents in Long Beach (right next to Gulfport/Biloxi) and they reported that when the storm surge hit the Coast, water was shooting up through the floorboards. Gah! They escaped to the attic but a tree punched through the roof–they looked out the hole to see their cars floating away.

Praying that Janette’s mother-in-law and her father (who stayed at his home in Biloxi, a mile (I think?) from the beach) are safe and sound.

We are doing well. Talk to y’all soon.

p.s. It’s Buh-LUX-ee!!


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