Posted by: Sarah | August 30, 2005


So of Janette’s family, half of them have houses underwater and the other half have no houses at all. Their houses are gone. Washed away.

Danny’s mother and grandfather are fine. Danny’s mother is apparently ticked because her brother drove in from Mobile and didn’t bring pizza. No word yet on his other grandparents.

There’s a casino sitting in the road in Biloxi, but I haven’t yet figured out which one it is (not Beau Rivage, though).

We lost power for two hours last night. The wind is still pretty bad. The worst damage we’ve had, personally, is that our butterfly bushes all seem to have been broken off at the roots, and there’s a teeny bit of water damage in the corner of the playroom right by the gutter downspout.


  • Our friend Tim packed his car full of bottled water, propane, powdered milk, and whatnot and drove down to Pascagoula. No word on if the National Guard let him in the city.
  • As for Oxford, the schools were closed today, and the University too. The whole town was closed, it seemed. WalMart lost power last night and hasn’t reopened. We heard that people were driving up from Water Valley (half-hour away) to get food here and the only place in town that was open was McDonald’s….there was an hour-long line at 9 a.m. today. Now I’m really really glad I got all crazy and got three gallons of milk on Sunday night. We have plenty of food so we should be fine if the grocery stores don’t reopen for a couple days.
  • 80% seems to be the big number of the day.  80% of New Orleans is underwater, 80% of the state of Mississippi has no power, 80% of Bay St. Louis (MS) has been destroyed.
  • The looting is going on in Jackson now (no power there), and carjackings, too. Tom’s dad reports the curfew in Meridian is super-strict…the police pulled over a 70-year-old woman who was out going to church or somewhere (before curfew was lifted) and said “turn around and go home or we’ll take you to jail.” Tom’s dad’s house is the only one in the neighborhood that didn’t sustain tree damage.
  • It’s SURREAL. This whole thing is surreal. The Coast and New Orleans almost seem beyond repair, like a truly insurmountable task.  Even if you just focus on one house at a time, it’s still crazy overwhelming, all that clean-up and work.  It’s not a weekend project to clean up the back yard or something.  If they even have houses standing, they’re still going to have to rip out walls and replace just about every-every-everything.  And wher do they sleep in the meantime?

And now for my cancer update for the day

Today I took care of the boys myself (Nancy had some storm damage from Katrina and stayed home to take care of that). It was far more exhausting than I remembered from last April (the last time it was All Me). They are extremely busy little guys. I’m very grateful for the playroom, though; it’s a nice big area where they can run around and play all day long and (mostly) stay out of danger and trouble. Before we had the playroom, I was constantly terrified they’d fall and hit their heads on the fireplace bricks or hurt themselves on the edges of the coffee table or just get into mischief in the living room. The playroom is much better…for everyone!

Tomorrow I’ve got an oncologist appointment; they’ll be checking my WBC levels. I can’t help but think of cancer patients down on the Coast and in New Orleans and how they must be suffering, whether they were evacuated or not. Feeling miserable AND not having a home, air conditioning, or a comfortable bed? Oh my.


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