Posted by: Sarah | August 31, 2005

Post-Katrina and Chemo

Forget the issue of gas prices here…we can’t GET gas. Tupelo ran out of gas, Meridian ran out of gas, Jackson ran out of gas, and there’s several-blocks-long lines at the Oxford stations, so I suspect we’re gonna run out too here shortly.

Janette’s neighbor is taking a truck down tomorrow to Biloxi — we’ve filled a dozen 2-liter bottles with filtered water and are sending them with some diapers, crackers, canned goods.

Kinda silly thought, but we went for lunch at a place that had Tabasco sauce containers as salt-and-pepper shakers and I got to worrying (!!) about Tabasco sauce (manufactured south of New Orleans). But here’s what their website says:

McIlhenny Company is operating normally and the production of TABASCO® brand products are unaffected by the recent hurricane. Our New Orleans office employees are all accounted for and have been relocated to our Corporate Office on Avery Island, Louisiana.

As for cancer:

Well, my WBC has dropped again. It’s not the lowest it’s been, but it’s still very low. We’re doing the three-day series of shots again to boost them, but the oncologist said how it’s a good thing that I don’t have a lot of rounds of chemo left because he doesn’t think my body/WBC counts could handle it and he’s mildly concerned that if they don’t go up this week that I could end up in the hospital with a fever. I’m not running a temperature, but I am very tired and now we know it’s not just because I’ve been watching the news on Hurricane Katrina nonstop since Sunday.


My oncologist just called me (at 8 p.m.!) to say he was checking over my labs and noticed that my magnesium and potassium levels are crazy low again, so I need to start AGAIN with the supplements. He thinks maybe the low levels are why I reported to him today that I’ve been having occasional heart flutters.


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